Are you looking for a wedding DJ with a difference? A DJ who will go above and beyond to make sure every last detail of your wedding entertainment is perfect? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Your wedding should be filled with fun, all day long, and that is our speciality. Our professional team can give you many different ideas to ensure your day is fun and one that your guests will enjoy. Whether you want a wedding that is elegant and stylish, cool and fabulous or just fun and memorable, there are many different areas that we can help you with to make it fantastic, and uniquely yours.


Not all wedding DJ's and events are the same! Booking us will ensure that your reception ends on a high. We have years of experience working as DJ's. 


Value for money:

No other disco provides as good a service for the same (or less) money.


State of the art lighting:

We use high tech, sound controlled style lights, LED moving lights and colour washes to create a fantastic, party vibe which gets everyone on the dance floor, having fun and enjoying themselves.


You choose the music:

We want you to have a great time... - what better way than allowing you to choose the music you actually want to hear! Choose a couple of songs that will guarantee your guests get dancing. 


Free consultation:

We always take the time to meet with you before your wedding day. We use this time to plan every detail of the reception - from the background music through to the first (or last) dance. It also gives us a chance to get to know you slightly better! 


Quality sound system:

We don't crank it up, we don't make ears bleed and we won't deafen any grandparents. We do make sure that the music you choose sounds so good (and is just loud enough), that everyone gets up to dance.


Smart, friendly, polite and experienced DJs:

We have years of experience running sound at events, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that there won't be any awkward silent pauses, fumbled mixes, bangs or pops! We're always smartly dressed, friendly and polite - and we know how to interact with guests. 



Have you ever been to a wedding where everyone left early and no one danced… and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen at your wedding? WE CHANGE THAT IN A BIG WAY!  Do you want your DJ to listen & understand your vision? Do you want to meet them in person? Do you want the planning process to be organized, fun, easy, & create AMAZING RESULTS? You want to choose someone who you feel you can partner with, in creating an EXTREMELY MEMORABLE CELEBRATION. Without having to worry about how the special events you create for your reception will flow.



Your guest will be in awe when they arrive at your reception… You want to hear them exclaim “Wow!” when they walk in the door. LIGHTING IS THE KEY!  One of the first places your guests go to is to see your gorgeous wedding cake… Highlight your wedding cake, centerpieces, all your details & decor. MAKE IT POP! We can assist you with personalized lighting: designed for and inspired by you, this focal point makes an elegant, bold statement. Just the way you want it. SLEEK. SIMPLE. SMART. 



Feel like you are dancing on the clouds, or walk down the isle in-between hundreds of bubbles; or have a rockstar welcome with confetti and pyro fireworks. 

Printing & Laser Cutting